In recent years, people have gotten scared of the word "worldcoronaviras." And wherever they get to know some new disease or any virus that is contagious, they start getting the live update about that virus. I am not saying that they are exaggerating, but before going to any conclusion, we need to research deeply.

People keep wondering, is monkey pox the next pandemic? Or is Monkeypox the next covid? Due to the constant COVID-19 pandemic, people are naturally worried about a rare virus outbreak.

Monkeypox affects approximately 12,000 Americans and 32,000 around the world. It remains a rare outbreak. This virus may be fatal, but its chance of spreading is low, and the survival rate is good.

The survival rate of Monkeypox is high, So, is Monkeypox the next pandemic? Let's learn the interesting facts about Monkeypox below the article.

What Is Monekeypox?

Monkeypox is not a new virus. Monkeypox was first noticed in 1958 when two outbreaks were observed in monkeys but the first human case was reported in 1970. Since then, it has spread across Africa and the Republic of Congo.

Imported animals play a significant role in many cases outside of Africa. In 2003, 47 cases of the disease were reported in the U.S.

This was the first report outside of Africa. The outbreak was quickly contained by testing, medication, and tracking. The human-to-human transmission was not reported.

How Does It Spread?

One strain of Monkeypox originates in West Africa, while another originates in the Congo Basin and is more virulent. A milder West African strain causes 99% of U.S. and European cases.

Monkeypox-infected animals, people, and items.

A bite, scratch, handling wild game, or using products made with infected animals can spread the disease. It can be spread by connection with wounds, scabs, or bodily fluids. Males who have had sex with men have reported the majority of cases.

Monkeypox Symptoms

A person feeling fatigued. Credits: ReviewsFellas©

Both smallpox and chickenpox can be shown similar symptoms. A monkeypox symptom is:

After a fever, a rash usually appears. Within 3 to 4 weeks, you can recover from Monkeyfox.

Is Monkeypox The Next Pandemic?

In case you think that Monkeypox is something a new variant of Covid-19, then let me clear your doubt by analyzing an easy comparison.

Compound of comparison



Agent of causality

Monkeypox Virus - MPV

Sars- Cov- 2

Year Of Start




Double Standard DNA

Single Standard RNA


2 Clades

27 Clades


Exposure to monkeypox rash, scabs, and bodily fluids

Respiratory Droplets

Animal Reservoirs

Monkeys, Rodents, and other small mammals

Bats, pangolins, and minks

Avobe mentioned comparison table will clear your doubt that Monkeypox is not anything like covid19. So, don't get panicked if you have any symptoms of Monkeypox.

Prevention Of Monkeypox

Handwashing can help prevent monkeypox. Credits: ReviewsFellas©

In order to prevent Monkeypox, it is important to avoid skin-to-skin contact with infected people. In order to minimize their risk, MSM should follow the CDC's guidelines. In healthcare workers, the risk of contracting Monkeypox is shallow.

Skin-to-skin contact with skin sores should be avoided when caring for monkeypox patients. Follow the mentioned restrictions:

  • Make sure you do not come into contact with infected animals.
  • Infected people’s used beds should be avoided.
  • Meat should be cooked on high flame.
  • Clean your hand with soap.
  • Don’t go close to people who have been affected by the virus,
  • Use condoms for safe sex.
  • Use a mask while being with infected people.
  • Keep frequently touched surfaces clean.

Risk Factors Monkeypox

Pregnant women are at the prime risk of monkeypox. Credits: ReviewsFellas©

Monkeypox is most commonly associated with mild symptoms, and these symptoms are curable. Some people at high risk of monkeypox may need treatment. Among these risk categories are:

  • Having a compromised immune system
  • Children under age 8.
  • Pregnant women or nursing women
  • People have other complicated diseases.
  • A vaccine can prevent monkeypox who has these problems.
  • "Outbreak" and a new disease can make people anxious.

But be reminded that  Monkeypox is not COVID-19. The USA has improved prevention and treatment methods for Monkeypox, which spreads less actively and is not as deadly as West African Monkeypox.

Is Monkeypox Curable Or Life Threatening?

Monkeypox usually lasts two to four weeks with self-limiting symptoms. People can get over Monkeypox without any harsh treatment.

In the case of secondary bacterial infections, your healthcare provider will administer antibiotics to treat them in addition to monitoring your condition and relieving your symptoms.

Till now, there is no effective treatment for Monkeypox. In Monkeypox treatment, antibiotics may not come to help.

Monkeypox Vs Chickenpox

Both Monkeypox and chickenpox cause skin rashes, but different viruses cause them. Herpes virus causes chickenpox, while orthopoxvirus causes monkeypox.

Chickenpox spreads more easily than Monkeypox and is more contagious than skin-to-skin contact. Swollen lymph nodes are more common in people with Monkeypox than those with chickenpox.

Rashes also behave differently. Monkeypox sores can appear simultaneously with chickenpox rash, and Monkeypox usually takes two to four weeks to heal from the rash and symptoms.

Smallpox Vs Chickenpox

Orthopoxviruses cause both smallpox and Monkeypox, so their causes are similar but different. Due to effective vaccines, smallpox was eradicated by 1980.

There was a greater risk of spreading smallpox compared to monkeypox. There is a similarity between Smallpox and Monkeypox, but the symptoms are milder.

Final Thoughts

It has been two years since COVID-19 had a significant impact on our daily lives. It's just when we're settling back into everyday life that we hear media reports about monkeypox. But the relaxing part of this news is that it is not fetal.

Monkeypox spreads through close contacts, such as kissing and sex - though we still don't know how it spreads in humans. In crowded, indoor spaces, wear a face mask to protect yourself from infection. Fever, chills, and body aches are the early symptoms of Monkeypox.

Within a few days, you will notice the rash. If you get to contact with any kind of symptoms, you should contact a doctor. And most importantly, don't get panicked by thinking, "Will monkeypox be the next pandemic?" Because it will not and not deadly as covid 19.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1- Does Monkeypox have a vaccine?

Answer 1- Yes, of course. Monkeypox can be prevented with three vaccines. As supplies are limited, get vaccinated if offered, as they provide valuable protection against the disease.

Question 2: Could Monekypox become the next pandemic?

Answer 2: Monkeypox is not as contagious as other infections due to the fact that you need to be in close contact with someone who has the infection.

Question 3: How does the monkeypox rash look?

Answer 3: The rash is usually localized in the genital area, groin, or anus. A person may only have one or two bumps on their skin.

Question 4: Does Monkeypox cause death?

West African clade caused the current world outbreak (2022). No one has died from this outbreak. Monkeypox can also lead to pneumonia and infections of the brain or eyes.

Question 5: Is monkeypox itchy?

Answer 5: Monkeypox can cause an itchy rash. Other symptoms include lymph node swelling, fatigue, fever, and chills.