What do you believe is the future mantra of good healthy life? Most of you will assume that eating healthy, taking vitamins, refraining from eating junk and unhealthy food, and regular physical activity are enough to lead a strong and healthy life.

Yes, this is one way of staying fit and fine. But what about age, environmental pollutants, viruses, processed foods germs, and climate change? Aren't they affecting our daily life? How can we deal with them?

Well, it is sure we barely have any possible solution for dealing with external effects. But we have the solution to feeding human health with the best items that can help to boost our immune power.

Supplements of vitamins and minerals are a great source of energy we can provide to our bodies. There are many nutrients and minerals that are impossible to get enough from food or meals only.

This is because most soils are depleted soil and have fewer nutrients to grow organic foods. That is why we have to take some external supplements that can fill up the demand.

Today, we are going to discuss a supplement brand that will develop our cell repair to boost more energy and immunity and provide us with an overall healthy life. This brand follows the science, not the trends.

BodyBio - Be good To Your Cells

BodyBio started as an in-house family business. A trusted family business that remains continued for the last 25 years. For these years, they have maintained a relationship with their customers and doctors based on trust.

BodyBio manufactured its products in an NSF-Certified Manufacturing Facility. Scientifically committed since 1995, all products are research-backed and quality driven.

BodyBio supplements are based on research & science, tested for effectiveness, and trusted by thousands of practitioners. BodyBio believes that we must protect the 70 trillion cells in our body, not only one cell membrane, because if the cells get damaged, our body will eventually be weak. They discover wellness on the cellular level for today and tomorrow.

Top Best Supplements Of BodyBio

Let's see a quick overview of the top best BodyBio supplements with some special features.


Item Form

Health Benefits 

Age Range


Additional Ingredients

BodyBio PC

Soft gel & liquid

Brain Health Supplement



Pure Phospholipid Complex, Amino Acid

BodyBio Balance Oil


Brain & Mood Support



cold pressed flaxseed oil

BodyBio E Lyte


Supports Electrolyte Balance


No flavor

Magnesium + Potassium + Sodium

Bodybio Butyrate


Detoxing, Gut Health Supplement


No flavor

Amino Acid

BodyBio zinc drops


Immune Support & Cells Repair

Adult and Kids

No flavor

Concentrated Liquid Zinc

& Vitamin C

BodyBio- Fish Oil

Soft gel

Heart Health Support


No flavor

Docosahexaenoic acid, Fish Oil

For better understanding, we will narrate in detail about these top supplements.

BodyBio PC 4 oz- BodyBio Brain Supplement

BodyBio PC 4 oz- BodyBio Brain Supplement

BodyBio PC regenerates cells to improve longevity and aging in all organs, including the stomach in addition to the brain.

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The brain is the most vital and effective organ in our body. We need brains to do all types of work. From childhood to adulthood brain is the main organ that guides us in the proper direction. Once our brain gets affected by any kind of disease or radicals, we have to fall sick for a lifetime. Sometimes these types of diseases are fatal.

Therefore, brain supplement is essential, especially in our adulthood and for senior people in the family. BodyBio PC 4oz phosphatidylcholine boosts our memory and focus.

We know that 60 % of the brain is nothing but fat. If Phosphatidylcholine gets low, it affects our heart, brain, and memory. We start to experience mental disorders or lose focus and concentration. BodyBio PC Phosphatidylcholine, in this case, works as a booster of memory, clarity, and focus.

If you search brain supplements in the market, you will mostly find lecithin packed in oil, which is not effective in proper absorption. BodyBio PC is a pure liposomal phospholipid complex that evades digestive breakup by forming liposomes.

Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of BodyBio PC.


  • Helps in rebuilding cells in the body.
  • Supercharger for brain and body
  • liposomal phospholipid complex replenishes the cells
  • Supportive of brain functions and gut health also.
  • High concentration of Phosphatidylcholine up to 66%
  • Features the 5 main components of the cell wall, including PE and PI.
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free
  • Allergen-free
  • NSF certified manufacturer
  • Glyphosate free.
  • Contains important phospholipids Ps, Pe, and PI
  • Vital liposomal delivery works best for health.
  • Works as cellular repair
  • Improves brain function and memory
  • Helps to fight brain fog
  • Mitochondria support
  • Improves liver function
  • Healthy lung support
  • Made in the USA
  • Third-party tested
  • Easy to swallow soft gels.
  • It can be found in both capsule and liquid form.

Main Ingredients

Phosphatidyl-Choline, Phosphatidyl-Ethanolamine, Phospatidyl-Inosiyol, minor glycolipids. A unique blend of essential fatty acids, linoleic and alpha-linolenic, minor fatty acids, and ethanol.


  • It should not promote taken while you are pregnant or lactating.
  • If you are undergoing any medical issues, then the physician's suggestion is a must before taking this supplement.
  • Not intended to cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.
  • PC soft gels are made from bovine gelatin.

Features With Benefits


Health Benefits

Liposomal phospholipid complex

  • Helps to keep our cells rebuilt and protected.

  • Increased level of PC supports brain function and cognitive health.

Difference from Non-Liposomal supplement

  • BoduBio Pc 4 oz is a pure organic liposomal pc that doesn't break in the digestive system.

  • Pure Phospholipids can be delivered to the whole body.

How To Take

Take two soft gels in a day. One in the morning, another one at night.

For the Liquid option, 1 or 2 teaspoons daily of 8 oz water. You can add the liquid to your drinks or can take them directly.

Where To Order?

Before buying, you might want to know what the real customers are saying about the product. Go and visit amazon, where you can find reviews, prices, and delivery offers.

BodyBio Balance Oil 16 oz

BodyBio Balance Oil 16 oz

Safflower Seed Oil and Flax Seed Oil are both organic, cold-pressed oils that make up BodyBio Balance Oil.

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We all tend to use essential oil to some extent in our life. But balance oil is not an essential oil. People get confused when we talk about balance oil. Let's give you a tiny description.

BodyBio Balance Oil is the ideal blend of the essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3. That gives the brain a boost, improves digestive health, and supports immunity, liver function, and cardiovascular activity.

Just a few drops of some essential oils can help our brain, skin, and hair glow strong and healthy. This oil helps to support the brain and boosts our mood. The smoothing blend of omega three and omega 6 formulas will make you feel your best and most beautiful.

This product is crucial for brain function. A perfect ratio of omega 3 & 6 has been blended with cold-pressed flaxseed oil and organic safflower oil. The ratio for metabolic processes and cellular health should be 4:1 for essential fatty acids.

A quick overview of BodyBio Balance Oil has been given below.


  • Cold-pressed flaxseed oil and Cold-Pressed Omega 3 & 6
  • organic flaxseed oil
  • organic safflower oil
  • Made without heat or chemicals.
  • Certified Organic Seeds
  • Low Temperature Processed
  • No Bleaching Agents, Deodorants, or Hexane Extraction.
  • Added no artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives
  • No gluten, wheat, dairy, Carbohydrates, & Sugar.
  • NSF certified
  • Healthy nails, hair, and skin
  • Provide gorgeous and younger-looking skin
  • Better brain function
  • Improve liver function
  • Support heart health
  • Non-Allergen
  • Non-GMO

Main Ingredients

Organic unrefined sunflower or safflower seed oil, organic flax seed oil, gelatin, glycerin, and water.


  • It should be used within 12 weeks of opening.
  • If you are pregnant and under any medication, please consult a doctor before taking this supplement.

Features With Benefits


Health Benefits


  • Unlike other omega supplements, it is not heat extracted. 

  • To ensure potency, cold-pressed oils are made without chemicals.

  • Low-temperature expeller-pressed technology to protect delicate LA and ALA.

4.1 Ratio of omega 6 & 3

  • Blending of essential building blocks to optimize cellular health and protect the brain and body.

Organic flaxseed oil

  • Reduce cholesterol and blood sugar and is effective for digestive health.

Organic safflower oil

  • Rich source of the essential fatty acid, linoleic acid.

  • Helpful in reducing the risk of heart disease.

How to Take

1 or 2 teaspoons can be added to salad dressing, 8 oz water or any drinks or smoothie. Or you can just add the oil to your meals.

Where To Buy?

Find the price and reviews on amazon. In addition, you can get discounts or offers if applicable.

BodyBio Butyrate - Gut Health Supplement

BodyBio Butyrate - Gut Health Supplement

BodyBio Butyrate helps you regulate your microbiota and produce a healthy inflammatory response.

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For a healthy body, it is essential that your body's waste is removed from your body regularly. The more your body can detoxify, the more your body will remain healthy and fit. The meal we intake needs to be digested well so that the nutrients of the food can be absorbed properly.

Without proper digestion, the nutrients won't be absorbed by the body. Therefore your healthy meal will be useless.

Butyrate is not prebiotic or probiotic. Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid created in the colon. It helps form friendly bacteria that improve probiotics to help promote digestive health. It is not possible to take enough quantity of butyrate from daily food. Taking supplementation form of butyrate will be a prudent habit for maximum health benefit.

Butyrate supports detoxification and helps in weight loss projects. It helps cleanse the liver and gall bladder. Don't worry if you are on the keto diet. It is keto-friendly and supports the removal of traitor fats.

Now, let us present the pros and cons of this supplement.


  • The Ultimate Postbiotic, Butyrate, Calcium, and Magnesium.
  • No Bloating
  • No Gas
  • Great Poops
  • Supports Healthy Digestion
  • Leaky Gut Repair
  • No Filler or Additives
  • Keto diet friendly
  • Supports the removal of traitor fats
  • Increases leptin production
  • Supports weight loss
  • Balance the microbiome
  • Healthy inflammation response
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly
  • Gluten free and non GMO
  • Promote digestive health
  • Fuel for a healthy gut.
  • Free of wheat, gluten, yeast, corn, soy, dairy, artificial colors, and resins.
  • Helps to keep your DNA healthy.
  • Calcium and magnesium work as buffers to butyrate's acidity.

Main Ingredients

Butyric Acid, Calcium hydroxide, Magnesium hydroxide, medium chain triglycerides (MCT), hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, and purified water


  • Not suitable for pregnant women or any patients under treatment.
  • Not designed to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Features With Benefits


Health Benefits


  • Butyrate cleanses the liver and is the ultimate healthy gut supplement to support the digestion process smoothly.

  • Promoted regular bowel movements.

Improved digestion health within a few weeks

  • Reduces the symptoms of IBS

  • Resolves leaky gut symptoms

  • Weight regulation

Other Features

  • Blood sugar regulation

  • Anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Healthy gut structure

Calcium and magnesium minerals

  • Acts as a buffer to butyrate acidity.

How To Take?

Two capsules daily with a meal or with 8 oz water.

Where To Order?

If you wish to place an order, go and check offers and prices on amazon. You can search for BodyBio sodium butyrate. Both carry the same functions.

BodyBio E Lyte - Electrolytes for Hydration

BodyBio E Lyte - Electrolytes for Hydration

E-Lyte has advantages for everyone. It is perfect for regular athletes, expectant mothers, or anybody else who wants to avoid superfluous additives while reducing uncomfortable cramps.

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Skipping the world population, do you know that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? When the body becomes low on electrolytes, it becomes dehydrated. Low electrolytes and dehydration can damage blood clotting, muscle contractions, acid balance, and fluid regulation. Most importantly, electrolytes help regulate our heartbeat.

BodyBio brings the best product ever in the supplementation product market, and that is BodyBio E Lyte. Elyte is the highest electrolyte concentration available, in the ratio of 16:1.

It is developed with the three ingredients Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium; we need to bring electrolytes back to the perfect pH balance. BodyBio E-Lyte brings back the electrolytes that are lost due to dehydration, exercise, illness, pregnancy, etc. Electrolytes help in reducing heat stress, cramping, nausea, and fatigue.

Let's learn the pros and cons of this hydration support supplement.


  • Supports Muscle Recovery
  • Hydrate Body Naturally
  • Supports energy
  • Helps muscle recovery
  • Healthy immune system function
  • Suitable for athletes and pregnant women.
  • Reduce painful cramps.
  • Relieves Keto Flu and carb flu.
  • Perfect pH balance - Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium.
  • Reduces heat stress, cramping, nausea, and fatigue.
  • Contains no additives, sugars, sweeteners, or flavors.
  • Formulated with more potassium, less Sodium, and no sugar
  • NSF Certified Manufacturing Facility
  • Mimic human blood gives the body exactly what it needs.
  • Maintains body temperature.
  • Aids neurological function.
  • Non-GMO and made in the USA

Main Ingredients

A prudent blend of purified water, potassium, phosphate, sodium chloride, magnesium, bicarbonate, sulfate, and potassium iodide as a preservative.


  • Not evaluated by FDA as a dietary supplement.
  • Not designed to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

Features With Benefits


Health Benefits

Supportive for hot yoga, hiking, and long sunny day work

It hydrates your body when you are off for a long tiring schedule. 

Suitable in pregnancy

Degradation in pregnancy and breastfeeding time can be reduced while you drink it regularly.

Removes leg cramps and muscle cramps.

Regular intake relief from these muscle pains and cramps that happen from exercise or aging. 

BodyBio- Fish Oil

BodyBio- Fish Oil

BodyBio Fish Oil is a pure fish oil that is produced by supercritical extraction using CO2 from sardines and anchovies to avoid oxidation.

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BodyBio has another super effective supplement that contains Kirunal Fish Oil in a ratio of 3:1 EPA to DHA. Pure fish oil is collected from sardines and anchovies. BodyBio uses supercritical Extraction with CO2 to prevent oxidation.

1 Serving of BodyBio Fish Oil contains 420 mg of EPA/DHA. Each Kirunal soft gel contains 500 mg of specially selected fish oil.

Let's see the pesos and cons part of this Fish oil.


  • Acts as important agents in brain function
  • Controls inflammation.
  • Contains 315 mg of EPA AND 105 mg of DHA.
  • Non-oxidized Omega 3
  • Easy to swallow capsule
  • Triple strength concentration
  • Superior stability and freshness
  • Promotes brain health and brain health.
  • Supportive for hair, skin, and eyes
  • Fish oil, gelatin, glycerin, water, and mixed tocopherols.
  • Supports the reproduction of cells.
  • Added no eggs, dairy, or shellfish.


  • Pregnant and medical patients should consult with a physician before taking the supplement.


Ultimately, we will not pressure you to purchase BodyBio vitamins for friends and family unless you are sure about them. We always ask others to tell us their experience with anything new if we wish to buy. That is why we encourage you to read the authentic reviews of customers who did buy the product and get the results.

But as you are here to read the article and want to know about the brand BodyBio, then we can say that there are more benefits to using the brand than drawbacks.

You can definitely add BodyBio to your healthcare journey to treat your body with an immense energy booster and cell repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 - What Is Cellular Health?

Answer 1: Cellular health means having a healthy, optimally functioning body from the cellular level up. This includes mitochondrial function and oxygen transport, as well as waste removal.

Question 2 - Who Needs Butyrate?

Answer 2 - Butyrate is essential for people who;

  • do not eat a lot of resistant starch
  • follow a keto or paleo diet
  • have bloat, and gas problems,
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Has Leaky gut.

Question 3 - What Are Electrolytes?

Answer 3: Electrolytes are minerals. The minerals in our blood and other body fluids hold an electric charge.

Electrolytes affect our human health functions in many ways, including the amount of water in our body, the acidity of our blood (pH), and muscle function.

Question 4 - What Are The Main Electrolytes?

Answer 4: The five main electrolytes are Sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, phosphate, and magnesium.

Question 5 - What Are The Best Sources Of Electrolytes?

Answer 5 - Spinach Pickle Juice Lentils, Dried Apricots. Sunflower Seeds

Question 6 - Is It Good To Take Zinc Every Day?

Answer 6: Our body doesn't need an enormous quantity of zinc. The suggested daily allowance for adults is 8 - 11 mg.

Question 7 - Why Are Zinc Drops Given To Babies?

Answer 7- Children should be given zinc to grow and develop. Zinc mineral is important for immune function, wound healing, and the senses of smell and taste.