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  1. Introduction
  2. 5 Types of Collagen
  3. What is Kosher Collagen Powder?
  4. The Reason Behind the Exclusiveness of Kosher Collagen Powder
  5. What are the Benefits of Collagen Powder?
  6. Top 3 Best Kosher Collagen Powder Products
  7. Ways to Take Kosher Collagen Supplement
  8. Things to Keep in Mind While Taking Collagen Supplement
  9. Side Effects of Collagen Powder Supplements
  10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  11. Final Thoughts


Proteins are the most critical component of our body that controls almost all our metabolic functions, from growth, digestion, energy production, and many more. Many forms of proteins work in our bodies simultaneously; among them, collagen is the most important. But we can easily succumb to its deficiency if we don’t eat enough protein and amino acids in our regular diets.

It can also occur as we age too. Various collagenous supplements can be found in the market to solve this problem. Among them, kosher collagen powder supplements are the most popular and sought-after, and they have many health benefits. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about collagen and its powdered supplement. So, let’s get started.

5 Types of Collagen

Collagen is vital for humans. It comprises about 30 percent of the protein of our physiology, and it is primarily found in our muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin and other connective tissues. There are 5 main types of collagen, and a brief discussion about them is done below:

Type 1 Collagen

The most common form of collagen is type 1 collagen which is found in the skin, hair, nail, tendon, and bone. Type 1 collagens are artificially sourced from fish gelatin, beef gelatin, and poultry eggs, specifically the egg membrane.

Type 2 Collagen

Type 2 Collagens are commonly found in our joints, elastic tissues, and gut lining and can be derived from chicken and marine fish (fish gelatin).

Type 3 Collagen

Our lungs and the vascular system contain type 3 collagen. Type 3 supports our muscles, kidneys, liver, blood vessels, etc. Moreover, this type of collagen is obtained from bovine products such as beef (beef gelatin) and bone broth.

Type X Collagen

Type X is found in our joints. The best source of type X collagens are chicken and eggs( eggshell membrane)

Type V Collagen

The cornea of our eyes and placental tissues contain collagens of type V. Similar to X, chicken and eggshell membranes are an excellent source of type V collagen.

So, these are all about the 5 different types of collagens found in our body. Among them, we generally see deficiencies in type 1, 2, and 3.

What is Kosher Collagen Powder?

The collagen powder supplements manufactured from the gelatin of kosher animals by following kosher customs and laws are termed kosher collagen powder. Kosher Executive Rabbinical Council (Kashrus Vaad) dictates the laws and the production standards for all products like kosher peptides collagen supplement powders.

In accordance with the kosher law, only kosher-certified animals (cows, sheep, and goats) can be used to procure collagenous powders for getting certified. But they need to be appropriately slaughtered following the kosher customs. All kosher collagen peptides powder supplements will have a marked kosher label on their packaging that will ensure their kosher certification.

The Reason Behind the Exclusiveness of Kosher Collagen Peptides Powder

Kosher certified collagenous powders are very rare, and they are also quite expensive. The main reason is that finding kosher animals is hard, and few manufacturers produce kosher-certified hides.

Moreover, even if kosher-certified cows, goats, and sheep are slaughtered following the appropriate regulations, the majority of the hides are booked for the leather industries as the demand for hide is very high in those sectors. So, finding the number of dealers that supply kosher-certified animal hides is quite difficult.

This is why not many supplement manufacturing companies don’t produce kosher bovine collagen powder protein supplement. Instead, only a few companies in the United States make 100% authentic kosher-certified collagen powders.

But, like every cloud has a silver lining, scientists have figured out alternative ways to resource and manufacture kosher bovine collagen like gelatin from marine creatures and fishes. A particular term is used to indicate kosher-certified fishes and marine animals, and these kosher fish are called Pareve. Many companies are switching towards extracting collagen from pareve fishes to tackle the scarcity of kosher animals and kosher hides.

There are also a few companies in the world that are making vegan collagenous supplements that are kosher certified. They use high-quality equipment to create gelatin from yeast. Since yeast is naturally vegan, hence these gelatins are kosher certified.

What are the Benefits of Collagen Powder?

We know that collagens are too vital for our body as it is almost in every part of our body. It has many health benefits, and you will be surprised to know how beneficial collagen powder is for us.

Boosting Skin’s Health

Collagenous peptides work wonders to boost the natural beauty of our skin by supplying the necessary hydration and elasticity that our skin needs. But as you age, the collagen production rate significantly slows down, and the skin’s hydration and elasticity decrease.

This makes your skin dry, and as a result, wrinkles appear on your skin. This makes us feel inferior, and it also demoralizes our confidence.

Collagenous powder can come to the rescue by increasing the skin's elasticity by reversing the aging speed of skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and dryness. Ultimately, healthy and wrinkle-free skin will help us regain our lost confidence.

Minimizing Joint Pain

You know that our cartilage is made up of collagens, and this acts as a cushion between our joints and absorbs most of the impact. Moreover, when you move, they help to minimize the friction between your joints during movement. It's strength is increased because of collagen.

But when you grow old, the deficiency of collagens can reduce the strength of your cartilage. This can cause agony in our joints. Therefore, collagen powder can play a crucial role in increasing your tendon's strength, thus relieving joint pain.

Enhancing Muscle Mass

Collagen was derived from the Greek word kólla, which means "glue." All our muscle fibers are bonded together with the help of it. With age, your physical activity is reduced, which might make you more vulnerable to developing sarcopenia.

Intense physical exercise combined with collagenous powder supplements can substantially increase muscle mass in sarcopenic individuals. Researchers have discovered that the creation of muscle proteins like creatine and the stimulation of muscle development following exercise has been linked to supplementary collagen. Additionally, collagen powder might aid in enhancing your motor skills and muscular endurance.

Prevention of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a dangerous disease that makes our bones brittle and prone to breakage. After 25, your body experiences a lack of collagen, making your every skeletal part weak and susceptible to osteoporosis. Regular intake of collagenous peptides powder supplements can help you tackle osteoporosis by increasing bone density giving you a healthy and delightful life.

Reducing Cardiac Problems

The shape of your blood vessels and arteries is maintained with the aid of collagen. It's natural for your arteries to deteriorate if you don't have enough of it. Because without adequate collagen, arteries may lose their flexibility and elasticity.

Atherosclerosis, which can cause cardiac arrest and stroke, is more likely to develop in fragile blood arteries. According to studies, collagenous powders can help maintain arteries healthy and lower the risk of atherosclerosis.

Other than these, many people have claimed that supplemental collagens enhances mood, brings down stress, and even helps in weight loss. But there is no scientific data to back up these claims. After reading about all these benefits, you can say that collagen powder supplement is an amazing supplement that works like a miracle helping us in many folds.

Top 3 Best Kosher Collagen Powder Products

Not every collagenous powdered supplement is kosher certified. There are 3 top powdered kosher approved collagen peptides supplement products that are among the top seller list across the world. These products are listed below.

  1. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder.
  2. Great Lakes Collagen Powder.
  3. Custom Collagen Peptides Powder.

All these 3 products have more or less similar ingredients yet have unique perks and many health benefits. So let’s discuss them in the following sections.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder

The collagen peptides powder of Vital Proteins is one of the best bovine collagen powder supplements available on the market that is kosher certified. This kosher supplement is manufactured with advanced equipment and formulated by experts so you can get healthy hair, nails, skin, joints, and other parts of us. Besides being rich in proteins, vital proteins powder is rich in amino acids and ascorbic acid (vitamin C).


  • Vital proteins peptides powder benefits skin condition and strengthens hair, nails, and bones.
  • Soothes joint pain and inflamation.
  • It contains the antioxidant vitamin C, which fosters collagen development and provides a natural youthful appearance.
  • Its Hyaluronic acid increases skin elasticity and keeps skin hydrated.
  • Unflavoured and easily dissolved in tea, smoothies, and other drinks.
  • The consistency is not chalk-like, so its easy to take.
  • This kosher product has reliable kosher certification as it comes from grass fed dairy.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder

This supplement is designed and formulated by experts so you can get healthy hair, nails, skin, joints and many more.

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Great Lakes Collagen Powder

If you made up your mind to intake a high quality kosher approved collagenous powder as your prime supplement, then great lakes powder (aka. Great Lakes Collagen Wellness collagen peptides) can be an excellent choice. It’s pretty affordable and favorable amongst many people across the world.


  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines and makes your skin and face look fresh.
  • Increases muscluar function and joint mobility.
  • Makes hair shiny and healthy by strengthening keratin. It also boosts nail health.
  • Contains probiotics that improve digestional health and boost immunity.
  • Great Lakes Collagen ingredients contain 18 amino acids like proline and glycine, promoting collagen production.
  • Unflavoured and quickly dissolves in drinks and beverages.
  • This product also has reliable kosher certification

Great Lakes Collagen Powder

This supplement is designed and formulated to reduce wrinkles, increase elastic tissue function and joint mobility, hair, immunity, and many more.

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Custom Collagen Peptides Powder

Custom Collagen is a veteran company that has been manufacturing revolutionary collagenous powder supplements of top quality for the past 40 years. Their Custom Collagen Peptides are ranked as one of the best non-GMO kosher peptides powder supplementsso it is also free from harmful chemicals.


  • It is a gluten free powder that is also free of lactose and sugar.
  • Replenishes lost collagen and increases skin radiance.
  • Promotes healthy hair, liver function and overall health.
  • It detoxifies us and improves the sleep cycle.
  • Easy to take as it is highly soluble and free of any flavors and odors.
  • 100% natural and manufactured from grass fed dairy
  • This product has reliable kosher certification as it has kosher bovine collagen.

Custom Collagen Peptides Powder

This supplement is designed and formulated to increase skin radiance, improve gut health, sleep cycle, liver function, detoxifies us and many more.

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You now have a pretty solid understanding of the 3 kosher collagen peptides powder supplements that are available on the market. All 3 of them are on par with benefits, so you can choose anyone and start your supplement journey.

Mixing Kosher Collagen Powder in Coffee

Ways to Take Kosher Collagen Supplement

There are many ways following which you can take kosher collagen peptides supplement powders. The above-mentioned 3 supplements are sold in highly soluble powdered form, so you can easily incorporate them into your drinks and in cooking. As they are in powder form, they dissolve best in warm to hot beverages such as tea and coffee.

Moreover, you won't notice any difference in taste while consuming foods mixed with collagenous substances. You can make foods like jam, marshmallows, cakes, smoothies, and hot meals like brownies, oatmeal, pizza, and many more. Moreover, you can make a good quality stock by adding this supplement.

You can check several cooking web pages and the possibilities are endless. However, you must be careful to use the correct dose.

So far, medical officials still need to determine the proper dosage of the collagenous supplement. According to the manufacturer guidelines, we should only mix up to 1-2 tablespoons when this powder. It is essential that you should always consult a certified nutritionist before deciding to intake collagenous supplement.

Things to Keep in Mind While Taking Collagen Peptides Supplement

It’s true that kosher collagenous powder supplements are very much beneficial for your health. But we must remember some important things while taking these supplements. First, you won’t get instantaneous results after starting this supplement.

The supplement's effects will take time to work on your skin, nails, hair, and bones, and we all need to accept this fact. There are no exact ways to determine the accurate time for it to take effect as it differs from person to person. But you must take the supplements regularly for many weeks to get the expected results.

Side Effects of Collagen Powder Supplements

Collagenous supplements pose no health risks, but some people claim to have some minor side effects. Scientists and researchers across the world couldn't find any concrete evidence about these side effects as these side effects are very rare and inconsistent. Some individuals asserted that after taking collagenous supplements, they experienced bloating, stomach problems, and loss of appetite.

Some even said that collagenous supplements caused them heartburn and allergic reactions, but all these side effects are as rare as hen's teeth. So, it’s safe to say that collagenous supplements are completely risk-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There is much confusion among the masses about collagenous supplements. Some of them come from a religious point of view because it has gelatin, and some others come from mere curiosities. Let’s thoroughly check out some of the burning FAQs about collagen products.

  1. Is collagen powder halal?

Ans: You may hear some sort of whisper that collagen powders are not halal. They are halal if the gelatin is extracted in a halal manner and extracted from the bone of halal animals like a cow, goats, and sheep by slaughtering them in a halal way. But collagen that is made from the gelatin obtained from pigs and non-halal (haram) animals is not halal.

2. Are there any halal collagen powder in USA?

Ans: There are halal collagen powder supplements in the USA that are manufactured from the gelatin of bovine animals, following halal regulations. But the number of halal collagenous products is quite rare. This is natural because halal collagenous products come from gelatin derived from fish gelatin or beef gelatin, and it's quite costly. If you are looking for a halal collagen powder supplement in the USA, you can try BB LAB Collagen Powder.

This is a Korean collagen powder that is 100% halal certified, and it is made from beef gelatin. It is very much available in the USA as a best seller. Both consumers and seller loves this product.

3. Which is better collagen powder or collagen pills?

Ans: Personal preference will determine which form of collagen supplement products are best for you. Powdered collagen is a convenient way to intake collagenous supplements if you consume them at high levels. This is because it's simple to mix into food and beverages. But you can try collagenous tablets if you want a speedy way to consume collagen without mixing it with liquids such as hot water .

4. Does heat destroy collagen powder?

Ans: Collagenous powdered products are is very heat resistant because it has gelatin in it. Gelatin is very heat resistant so normal hot weather or heat waves won’t damage the condition of collagen powder as it can withstand heat as high as 572°F. That's why consumers can easily mix and prepare hot meals with it.

But if they are exposed to temperatures higher than 572°F, the collagen powder can degrade.

5. What are the Vital Proteins collagen powder side effects?

Ans: So far, no side effects have been observed from Vital Proteins collagen powder. Rather it is very beneficial for our bodies.

6. Is Great Lakes collagen type 1 2 or 3?

Ans: Great Lakes wellness collagen peptides powder is type 1 and 3.

7. Vital Proteins vs Great Lakes collagen powder, which kosher collagen powder is the best?

Ans: Both Vital Proteins and Great Lakes collagen powder products are organically manufactured from the beef gelatin of grass fed dairy. It is gluten-free, paleo-friendly, odorless, and tasteless. The distinction between them is that of price and serving size.

In Vital Proteins, you get 20g of collagen per serving, and in Great Lakes, you get 12g per serving. Moreover, Vital proteins are a bit on the pricy side than Great Lakes. Other than these, both of these products are among the best seller of collagen powder supplements.

8. What collagen does Jennifer Aniston use?

Ans: Popular actress Jennifer Aniston doesn’t seem to age at all. The secret behind her ageless beauty is collagen supplement. The collagen supplement that Jennifer Aniston use is Vital Proteins collagen peptides powder.

9. Can collagen cause weight gain?

Ans: You won't gain weight if you take a collagen supplement. In fact, if you mix it together with a healthy diet and exercise, it can boost your weight loss efforts.

By reading these FAQs, you can find all the answer to your confusion and queries regarding kosher collagenous supplements.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, we can say that kosher collagen powder is a miracle tonic that helps us to take control of our physic, resist the effects of aging and make us strong and beautiful. There are many brands of collagen powder supplements in different marketplaces that can easily make us distracted. If we want to intake kosher collagen supplement, we should always choose from the 3 mentioned brands that we have talked about in this article.

So, what are you waiting for? Start taking kosher collagen supplements, tackle collagen deficiency and rejoice in the spirit of youthfulness physically and spiritually.