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Among the many essential oils, rosemary oil stands out for its many uses in the beauty and wellness industries. The essential oil of rosemary has many health and beauty benefits, such as promoting hair growth. 

Traditionally, it has been used for its medicinal properties in traditional medicine and used in many cuisines. Rosemary oil is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and nutrients that nourish hair follicles, stimulate blood circulation and promote hair growth. 

I will review the top 5 best rosemary oils on the market and discuss the uses, types, factors, benefits, and side effects of rosemary oil.

What is the Definition of Rosemary Oil?

The rosemary plant's  (Rosmarinus officinalis) leaves are used to make rosemary oil, a pure essential oil. The process used to extract rosemary oil from rosemary plant leaves is steam distillation. It has a robust, natural earthy scent and is applied in healthcare and beauty treatments. Rosemary oil is a popular choice among those looking for an organic, pure solution to their hair issues. 

It is known for its fast hair growth properties, protects the skin, and ability to nourish and protect the scalp. Rosemary oil can be used in many different forms, such as rosemary mint scalp oil or pure rosemary oil. To maximize the advantages, many individuals decide to combine it with other oils like almond or coconut oil.

How Is Rosemary Oil Made? 

The process of distilling rosemary oil begins with placing either fresh or dried rosemary leaves in a chamber. The steam passes through the leaves and helps to release the essential oils, which then pass through a condenser where they are cooled and transformed into a liquid. This liquid is then separated from the water, creating pure rosemary oil.

The grade of the plant matter, the distillation procedure, and the shelf life conditions are only a few of the variables that affect the oil's quality. Rosemary oil of high quality typically has a tart, refreshing, and stimulating aroma. Before applying rosemary oil to hair or skin, dilute it with coconut oil or jojoba oil since pure rosemary oil is highly concentrated.

Uses Of Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil has lot's of medicinal values. Credits: ReviewsFellas©

There are many benefits associated with rosemary oil, making it a versatile oil. Here are a few of the ways rosemary oil is used:

  • Aromatherapy: Rosemary oil has a refreshing and invigorating scent that can help boost mood and mental clarity when used in aromatherapy.
  • Hair care: Rosemary oil has been shown to increase hair growth, stop hair loss, use as hair-strengthening oil, and enhance the texture of hair.
  • Skincare: Rosemary oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial for treating acne, reducing inflammation, and improving skin texture. Rosemary oil has been traditionally used for various medicinal purposes, including treating skin conditions like scabies and eczema.
  • Pain relief: Rosemary oil can be used topically to help relieve muscle and joint pain and soreness
  • Respiratory health: Inhaling rosemary oil can help improve respiratory function and reduce symptoms of respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis.
  • Digestive health: Rosemary oil can help stimulate digestion and relieve symptoms of indigestion and bloating.
  • Immune system support: Rosemary oil has antioxidant properties that can help make the immune system robust and protect against oxidative stress.
  • Household cleaning: Rosemary oil can be added to homemade cleaning solutions to help disinfect and deodorize surfaces. But topical rosemary and household cleaning products are completely different.

Types of Rosemary Oil 

There are several types of rosemary oil available, each with its own unique benefits. Among the most common types are:

  • Spanish Rosemary Oil: Spanish rosemary oil is known for its high camphor content, which gives it a strong, woody scent. Many people believe that it has unique benefits for boosting scalp health and promoting hair growth.
  • Moroccan Rosemary Oil: It has a fresh, herbaceous aroma, and it is often used in aromatherapy to calm and soothe the senses. It's also believed to be effective in promoting hair growth and improving hair texture.
  • Tunisian Rosemary Oil: Tunisian rosemary oil is known for its high cineole content, which gives it a fresh, minty scent. It's believed to be particularly effective for improving hair texture and reducing dandruff.
  • Verbenone Rosemary Oil: Verbenone rosemary oil is characterized by its high verbenone content, which gives it a sweet, floral scent. The manufacturer claims that the oil enhances the growth of hair and reduces hair fall.
  • Camphor Rosemary Oil: Camphor rosemary oil is known for its high camphor content, which gives it a strong, medicinal scent. It's believed to be particularly effective for improving scalp health and reducing inflammation on the scalp.

Lastly, the type of rosemary oil you choose will depend on your specific hair care needs and personal preferences. It's important to choose high-quality, pure essential oils from reputable sources to ensure maximum benefits and safety.

Benefits of Rosemary for Hair

Rosemary oil is most effective for hair growth. Credits: ReviewsFellas©

Rosemary oil can be a game-changer for anyone seeking to enhance their hair health, thanks to its many benefits.

  • Stimulating hair growth: Rosemary oil enhances the supply of vitamins and oxygen to hair cells by increasing blood circulation.
  • Preventing hair loss: The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in rosemary oil can successfully minimize hair fall through protecting hair follicles from damage and inflammation on the scalp.
  • Improving hair texture: Hair can be made softer, smoother, and easier to manage by using rosemary oil because of its natural hydrating and conditioning characteristics. After usaging for a few months, you will instantly experience a noticeable change in your hair.
  • Fighting dandruff and dry scalp: Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of rosemary oil aid in the prevention of microbes' regrowth. It also prevents dandruff and dryness on the scalp. 
  • Darkening hair: Some studies suggest that rosemary oil may help darken hair color, making it a popular ingredient in natural hair dyes.
  • Enhancing hair thickness: Rosemary oil is believed to help increase hair thickness by stimulating blood circulation and enhancing new hair follicle growth.
  • Stimulating blood circulation: Rosemary oil has a stimulating effect on blood circulation, which can increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to every hair follicles, promoting hair growth.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Rosemary oil contains anti-inflammatory compounds that can help soothe inflammation and irritation on the scalp, which can contribute to hair loss.
  • Antioxidant properties: Rosemary oil is rich in antioxidants, that can prevent hair follicles from additional  damage, and support hair development. 
  • Anti-bacterial properties: Bacterial infections on the scalp can contribute to hair loss, but rosemary oil's anti-bacterial qualities can help prevent this.
  • Nutrient-rich: Rosemary oil contains essential nutrients like iron, calcium, and vitamins A, B, and C, which are important for healthy hair growth.

The concoction of these properties makes rosemary oil an excellent choice who want to enhance their natural hair growth. Overall, rosemary oil is a versatile and natural ingredient that can provide several benefits for hair health.

Factors Should Be Considered Before Choosing Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth? 

For a high-quality, effective rosemary oil for hair growth, you should consider several factors. Consider these factors:


It's important to choose rosemary oil that is 100% pure and free from any synthetic additives, fillers, or fragrances. Look for a product that is 100% pure and free from synthetic additives.


It is important to choose a properly diluted rosemary oil product for safe application on the hair and scalp, considering its high concentration as an essential oil. Look for a product that is specifically labeled for use on hair and contains a safe and effective concentration of rosemary oil. 


The quality of the rosemary plant and the extraction process can impact the quality of the resulting oil. Choose a rosemary oil that is sourced from high-quality, organic plants and is extracted using a reputable method, such as steam distillation.


Seeking top-notch natural essential oils? Keep an eye for a brand with a solid reputation for crafting exceptional products that meet the strictest purity and quality standards.


While high-quality essential oils can be expensive, it's crucial to spend money on a clean, powerful product. Avoid products that seem too cheap or too good to be true, as they may be lower quality or diluted with synthetic ingredients. Consider the price of the product, but don't sacrifice quality for a lower price.

Tips for Using Rosemary Oil for the Best Outcomes

There are several ways to use rosemary oil and reap astounding benefits like hair growth, including

  • Scalp massage: To stimulate hair growth, use a blend of rosemary oil and a common oil such as coconut or jojoba oil to massage into your scalp. Keep it for at least 30 minutes, or overnight, before washing it out with shampoo.
  • Hair rinses: You can use a diluted mix of rosemary oil and water as a last rinse after shampooing to incorporate rosemary oil into your haircare routine. This can aid in healthy hair and thickness restoration.
  • Hair mask: You can boost your hair's natural radiance by combining rosemary oil with other hair-healthy ingredients, like honey, egg, or yogurt, for a nourishing hair mask that will leave you looking and feeling amazing.
  • Dilute the rosemary oil properly: Always dilute essential oils before use to avoid skin irritation or adverse reactions. Follow recommended dilution guidelines and protect your skin from any adverse reactions.
  • Apply the rosemary oil directly to the scalp: To stimulate hair growth, it's important to apply the rosemary oil directly to the scalp rather than just to the hair.
  • Leave the rosemary oil on for at least 30 minutes: Leaving rosemary oil on for a minimum of 30 minutes or, if possible, overnight will help it reach in the scalp and hair follicles effectively.
  • Be consistent with your use: For best results, use rosemary oil consistently over a period of time. Incorporate rosemary oil into your routine on a regular basis to fully experience its benefits, use it at least once per week or more often as needed.
  • Avoid using too much rosemary oil: While rosemary oil can be beneficial for hair growth, using too much can be counterproductive. Use only a few drops at a time to avoid over-saturating the scalp and hair.
  • Consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns: Consult a medical professional if you have any concerns about taking rosemary oil for hair development or if you notice any adverse effects.

How to Dilute Rosemary Oil for Hair? 

Rosemary oil should always be diluted before using it on the hair or scalp to avoid irritation or other adverse effects. Let's see how to make rosemary oil for hair.  Here is a simple method for diluting rosemary oil for use on the hair:


  • One tablespoon of carrier oil (such as coconut oil or jojoba oil)
  • 3-5 drops of rosemary oil


  1. Choose a carrier oil that is safe for skin and hair, such as coconut or jojoba oil.
  2. Add one tablespoon of carrier oil to a small bowl.
  3. To enhance the benefits of rosemary oil, combine from 3 to 5 drops with oil. Administer the concoction to the scalp and hair, using your fingers to massage it.
  4. Leave the mixture on for at least 30 minutes or overnight for maximum benefits.
  5. To remove any residue, wash your hair with water and shampoo as usual after applying the combination.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated with Rosemary Oil?

With no major side effects to worry about, rosemary oil is a safe and effective option for individuals seeking a natural solution. Nevertheless, when using rosemary oil to promote hair growth, one should always opt for organic or pure rosemary oil to ensure maximum results without any negative effects. Overuse of rosemary oil can cause skin irritation or even allergic reactions.

Additionally, fast hair growth oil that contains rosemary mint oil can also cause scalp dryness and dandruff. When using rosemary oil for hair growth, side effects should be considered. As with any new product, it is best to do a patch test before applying rosemary oil to the entire scalp. If any allergic reactions occur, stop using the product immediately.

Best 5 Rosemary Oil 

  1. Radha Beauty Rosemary Essential Oil
  2. Now Rosemary oil
  3. Maple Rosemary Oil
  4. Venanoci hair growth oil
  5. doTERRA Rosemary Oil

Radha Beauty Rosemary Essential Oil

Radha Beauty Rosemary Essential Oil

100% pure, therapeutic-grade rosemary oil invigorates your senses and promotes relaxation. Enjoy its benefits in aromatherapy, scalp care, and for promoting healthy hair growth.

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Radha Beauty Rosemary Oil is a pure and organic rosemary oil made from natural plant extracts. It is an ideal selection for those looking for a fast hair growth oil as it contains nutrients that promote hair growth. Rich in antioxidants, this oil helps to nourish the scalp and stimulate hair follicles for healthier and faster hair growth. 

It also contains powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties that can help to reduce dandruff and other scalp problems. The addition of rosemary mint oil gives it a refreshing scent. Whether you're looking for an oil that can help nourish and protect your scalp or one that will make your hair smell fresh, Radha Beauty Rosemary Essential Oil is an excellent choice.


  • 100% pure and natural
  • Stimulates hair growth and improves hair texture
  • It can be used for aromatherapy and other holistic purposes
  • It improves circulation and promotes relaxation and mental clarity
  • It can be mixed with carrier oils or added to shampoo/conditioner for added benefits
  • It is protected from light and air exposure with a dark glass bottle


  • Skin rashes or allergic reaction are noticed amongst a few users.
  • May not be effective for everyone in promoting hair growth
  • The scent may be strong for some individuals

Now Rosemary Oil

Now Rosemary Oil

Stimulate your mind and hair with Now's therapeutic-grade rosemary essential oil. Perfect for aromatherapy, it uplifts your mood while its hair care properties help strengthen strands and promote a healthy scalp.

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Now Rosemary essential oil is a highly concentrated oil derived by steam distillation from the leaves of the rosemary plant. There is scientific evidence found that rosemary essential oils can increase the diameter of the hair and stimulate growth. It is one of the primary components in the well-known Mieles hair oil, and I combine it with avocado oil or tea tree oil, which acts as a carrier. Moreover, it has a pleasant aroma when diffused.


  • Nature-made rosemary oil
  • 100% pure and undiluted
  • Easy to use and multi-use benefit. 
  • Contains multi health benefits
  • Pure and free of synthetic ingredients


  • Some consumers don't like the smell of new rosemary oil
  • It can be more expensive than other types of essential oils.

Maple Rosemary Oil

Maple Rosemary Oil

Experience the clean, herbaceous scent of Maple Holistics Rosemary Oil. This pure essential oil not only promotes relaxation but also supports healthy hair growth with its stimulating properties.

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Maple Rosemary Oil is an organic rosemary oil for hair that boosts hair growth and shines. Its antioxidants heal hair cells and promote growth. This pure rosemary oil reduces irritation, dandruff, and scalp moisture. It strengthens hair follicles to prevent breakage and loss. Rosemary mint oil mix adds luster to hair.

Maple Pure Rosemary Essential Oil is user-friendly. Massage the scalp for 15 minutes and let it in for an hour. Rinse it with warm water to observe the results of your deep conditioning treatment.To gain maximum benefits, it's best to use this oil on a weekly basis. Maple Rosemary Essential Oil is ideal for dry, brittle hair or better hair. This natural oil improves hair health without major adverse effects. 


  • Top choice among those looking for aromatherapy diffuser oils.
  • This rosemary oil is a versatile ingredient that can be added to shampoos and beauty products.
  • Maple Holistics Quality
  • The fragrance is strong but pleasant. 
  • Assist in making hair thicker.


  • Product outcome varies on individual

Venanoci Hair Growth Oil

Venanoci Hair Growth Oil

Give your hair a boost with Venanoci Hair Growth Oil. This nourishing formula, infused with rosemary extract, helps stimulate hair growth, strengthen strands, and create a healthy scalp environment for thicker, fuller hair.

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If you are looking for an organic and pure rosemary oil that will help you to achieve fast hair growth, then Venanoci Hair Growth Oil is a great option. This product contains a special blend of biotin, caffeine and oils like olive, rosemary, coconut and castor for hair growth that nourishes and strengthens your hair follicles. It also helps in controlling dandruff and hair loss, as well as promoting faster and thicker hair growth. 

Venanoci Hair Growth Oil contains natural oils that not only promote hair development but also give your hair a glossy, supple appearance. The unique combination of essential oils will make your scalp healthier and stronger, leading to better hair growth. 

Venanoci Hair Growth Oil is something you must regularly apply for the best results. Massage it into your scalp gently at least once a week, and you will start to see noticeable results within a few weeks. 


  • This oil is suitable for all hair types.
  • This product is formulated without any harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients, 
  • Repair and fortify your fried, bleached, and broken hair
  • This high-quality item prevents hair loss while promoting thick, healthy growth.


  • It may not work for everyone 
  • Not suitable for people with sensitive skin

doTERRA Rosemary Essential Oil

doTERRA Rosemary Essential Oil

doTERRA Rosemary Essential Oil is a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oil offering a multitude of benefits. Use it in aromatherapy to promote mental clarity and focus, or enjoy its hair care properties that help strengthen strands and encourage healthy hair growth.

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doTERRA's Rosemary Essential Oil is an organic and pure oil derived from the leaves of the rosemary plant. The oil is made with high-quality and therapeutic-grade materials. It is an ideal choice for people looking for a fast hair growth oil; it has been shown to be very good at treating a wide range of hair problems, including dandruff, hair loss, and premature greying.

The pleasant and refreshing scent of Rosemary Essential Oil is a key feature that sets it apart from other essential oils. The oil not only helps with hair growth but also helps reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue claimed by the manufacturer. In addition, to treat skin issues topically, such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis, you can put this natural antiseptic to work.  


  • Provide additional benefits such as invigorating the scalp and stimulating healthy hair follicles. 
  • This blend is perfect for Rosemary Oil users who seek a pleasant scent.
  • Promotes healthy respiratory function
  • Relaxes and reduces fatigue and nervous tension


  • Skin irritation and sensitivity when used topically and nausea when ingested


Rosemary oil is effective because its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics nourish hair follicles, potency, usefulness, and growth. As fast-acting hair growth oil, rosemary oil's ability to enhance hair health is one of the reasons it's a popular choice for many individuals. 

For those looking for an oil that is good for the skin and scalp, prevents hair loss, and fights dandruff and dry scalp and an organic solution, rosemary oil is one of the best options. 

Lastly, no matter what type of rosemary oil you choose, it can be an effective addition to your hair care routine. Most of the items on the list i personally tried, but each person’s personal preference would be different. So, choose the product which is the best fit for you. And it is safe to use in small amounts, and don't overdo it. Talk to a doctor if you have an allergy or rash after using this oil. 


Q: Name some of the top tier brands of rosemary oil for hair

Many rosemary oil brands are available for hair growth, but the best one would depend on personal preference and needs. Some popular brands include Radha Beauty, ArtNaturals, and Majestic Pure, known for their high-quality, pure, and organic rosemary oil.

Q: How do I find rosemary oil near me?

You can look for rosemary oil near local health stores or aromatherapy shops in your area, as well as on internet platforms such as Google, Amazon, or rosemary oil walmart and other online shopping websites.

Q: Which carrier oil is best for rosemary hair growth?

Several carrier oils can be used with rosemary oil for hair growth, but the best ones include Jojoba, Coconut, Castor, Argan, and Olive oil. 

Q: Is rosemary oil effective at growing hair?

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components like rosmarinic acid and ursolic acid boost scalp health and hair regrowth. Rosemary oil increases scalp blood flow, which feeds hair follicles with nutrients and oxygen for stronger, healthier hair.

Q: Can rosemary oil be used for all hair types?

Yes. Rosemary oil works for all hair types, and it helps dry, brittle, and damaged hair, as well as greasy and dandruff-prone scalps. 

Q: Can I mix rosemary oil with other oils?

Yes, rosemary oil can be combined with other oils such as jojoba, coconut, argan, or castor oil, to enhance its benefits for hair growth and improve scalp health.'

Q: How should I apply rosemary oil on hair for best results? 

To get the most out of rosemary oil, dilute it with carrier oil and apply it to your scalp. It is most effective when massaged into the hair and scalp for a few minutes, left on for at least 30 minutes, and then washed out with a gentle shampoo. Use the correct oil ratio to avoid irritation or allergic reactions.

Q: Can I use rosemary oil every day on my hair?

Daily usage of rosemary oil on hair is completely safe. Still, it's best to start with a tiny amount and talk with an expert before use.