Zarbee's is a renowned supplement manufacturer from the USA. Parents depend on this brand for their children because of its drug-free ingredients. The Zarbees choose nature over any artificial drugs and chemicals.

They believe nature has the solution to make our bodies healthy, and they just add some science. This is the main perception of Zarbee's. Dr. Zak Zarbock was the founder of Zarbees. He intended to produce something best for his kids and for his patients.

In a world full of medicine of drugs, he trusted nature and science. To our surprise, he invented the first honey-based kids' cough syrup containing vitamin C and zinc. The syrup is unique because it is completely free from unwanted chemicals, drugs, alcohol, and flavor.

And still, this cough syrup for children is one of the best choices for parents in the USA. In the continued process, they have launched digestive supplements, sleep supplements, and immunity boosts multivitamins supplements. Not only for children, but they also make supplements for all of the members of the family.

Zarbees serves your whole family with love from nature. Besides parents, most pediatricians in the US prescribe honey-based cough syrup of Zarbees for their child patients 12 and under. The doctors know anything which comes from direct nature will serve the best among all other artificial drugs.

In this article,  I'll go through the top 3 best supplements which are best for children's overall health development. Zarbee's Immune System is the top performer in effectively boosting a child's immune system.

As Zarbees has a lot of variety in their stock, I have selected the 3 best supplements which are best for a child's immunity, cough, and gut. First, let's see inside the function of Zarbees.

Zarbee's Supplements: The Ultimate Guide and Key Facts

Why does Zarbees be one of the top supplement makers in the United States? And also, why do people believe that Zarbees produce the best supplements to boost a child's immune system? To find the answers, understanding the key features of Zarbees is essential.

Child Care Of Zarbee's

The main product line of Zarbee's is children's care products. The founder, Dr. Zak Zarbock, first invented cough syrup for kids. Then he put effort into the elder members of the family. The founder and the whole team, Zarbee's believe that no matter what, children should be safe from all artificial products and ingredients.

That's why they make drug-free, alcohol-free, and artificial filler-free supplements for the child. This theme of Zarbees makes a happy face for parents, and they feel safe and worry less when they buy Zarbee's gummies and syrups for their children. They know that if Zarbees make it, then surely it is the best for the child.

The Drug-Free Supplements Of Zarbee's

Most cough syrups are mixed with some pharmaceutical-grade drugs. They also contain alcohol. But it is so very logical that these ingredients are not good for a child. Zarbees is proud to produce supplements that are free from drugs and alcohol.

Their main intention was to seek a solution from nature. The best research team of Zarbees finds wholesome natural ingredients and blends them with the help of science. Therefore, Zarbees produced supplements that are safe as well as effective for the whole family.

Zarbees Thinks About Bees

This brand believes that our well-being is interconnected with the ecosystem. To build a healthy planet, we must protect every corner of nature. This is the reason they are the partners of Bee Conservancy, a nonprofit organization to protect the bees and their hives. Zarbees know that in a third of the world's food depends on bee pollination.

To generate more natural sustenance, energy, and supplement, we need a hive of bees. Honeybees are one of the main factors in pollinating many fruits and vegetables, which are essential for human foods. The more we take fresh fruits, honey, and veggies, we will be able to make a healthy life.

That's why we have to protect the hive of bees. And they are playing their part in protecting their hive. First, let's see inside the function of Zarbees.

Why Zarbee's Is So Special?

The two approaches of Zarbee's make them unique and natural, and everybody trusts them.

Intended Ingredients

Each and every ingredient they collect from a reliable source. And evaluated them thoroughly.

A number of tests are conducted for potency, provenance, and purity to ensure non-negotiable quality.

Intensify Of Science

Not just the ingredients but also the rich and data-driven approach is ensured. So that the formula can be adjusted with the finest materials. Not only that, they follow some steps to maintain quality.

The Five Steps Of Zarbee's Safety And Quality

Assortment of Herbal Ingredients with Honey

Zarbee follows 5 steps to maintain their supplements' pure quality and safety. These assessment processes include their commitment to product quality. They follow these processes with intense dedication. Because if they fail in one step rest of the steps will be destroyed.

The Raw Material Collections

Safe raw material means safe products. They don't take any risk with any materials, and they evaluate every supplier and manufacturer thoroughly. And take the raw materials which meet rigorous quality and safety standards.

Evaluating The Ingredients

Every collected ingredient and material must be passed the safety test, and they test all the materials according to the latest food and medicine studies and methods.

Clinical Evaluation

The R&D team of Zarbee's tests the ingredients clinically. The tests include allergic reactions and gastrointestinal irritation. They include all data so that they can be sure which form of the ingredients can be used and which form should not be used.

Medical Test

After the reaction test, Zarbee's conducted the medical test on the materials. They test the product in the lab to confirm how the product can survive in different situations. They try in extreme heat, cold, and humidity ambiance.

The Continuous Evaluation

It is not like after sending the products to their consumers, zarbee's ends their process. They search for feedback, no matter what the source is. Social media, online store reviews, direct customer opinion, etc. They valued every comment on every product so they could improve their quality in the near future.

Till now, we have known the process of Zarbee's production. Now it is time to discuss Zarbee's best three Supplements for a child's immunity.

Zarbee's Immune Support Best Supplement

We have selected the three best supplements for zarbee's immune support, which are best for a child's overall health development. They are zarbee's melatonin gummies, zarbees probiotics for babies, and zarbee's multivitamin immune gummies.

Zarbee's Melatonin Gummies

Zarbee's Melatonin Gummies

This delightful, naturally flavored berry melatonin supplement can help your child when they experience periodic sleepiness. Each gummy includes 1 mg of clinically tested melatonin to support restful sleep in children 3 years and older.

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One of the best supplements among Zarbees gummies is Zarbee's Melatonin Gummies.

A total package of safe, non-habit forming, and drug-free melatonin gummies for kids 3 years and up. The Zarbees gummies help your kid to pass the night with peaceful sleep.

Each gummy contains melatonin 1 mg of, which is not added with any kind of alcohol or drug. Therefore it is safe for your children. And you can give it occasionally when your kids have problems with sleep. As we all know, proper sleep is the key factor in growth development and increases children's immunity. You don't need to take medicine you need to take regularly; it is just delicious Zarbees gummies with berry flavor.

Your child will easily chew them with the taste of honey and can sleep a restful night to get energy for tomorrow. Let's dig into the melatonin 1 mg gummies supplement.

What Are Melatonin Gummies For Kids?

Melatonin is nothing but a hormone to play a role in sleep. Generally, it is produced by the brain in the pineal gland. It is available in the US market, and many people use it as a common supplement for generating sleep. Melatonin gummies for kids are specially made for occasional sleep deprivation.

Zarbee's Gummies Features With Benefits

The key features of Zarbee's Gummies are:

Packed Count

It is found in three different count packets. 34 gummies pack, 50 gummies, and 80 gummies pack. Designed for children above 3 years

Main Ingredients

The main ingredients are dark honey and melatonin. There are no drugs or any other chemicals infused.

Apple Pectin

The fiber Pectin is found in different fruits. Zarbee's collects this fiber from apples. They use it to make the gummies soft and elastic. In addition, this makes the gummies vegetarian.

So, why are you waiting for? To provide a peaceful sleep for your kids of all age, take these delicious zarbee's gummies. And make them enjoy the night with a dreamy sleep.

Zarbee's Multivitamin Immune Gummies

Zarbee's Multivitamin Immune Gummies

The genuine elderberry in this supplement provides a great amount of vitamins A, C, D, E, and zinc to support your child's immune system.

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Children need a good amount of vitamins for overall body and brain development, and they can get those vitamins from their daily meals. However, it is sometimes hard to fill up their daily vitamin portions because kids sometimes struggle to feed fruits and veggies. Parents should not worry about this. Zarbee's has the solution for children's overall immunity development.

Zarbee's Multivitamin Immune Gummies are the amazing blending of 12 essential vitamins and minerals with the support of elderberry for immunity boosting. It is easy to chew gummy, which kids love. Zarbee's Multivitamin Immune Gummies are the best solution to nourish your child.

These Zarbee's gummies are formulated for kids 2 years and up. Kids love these chewable gummies because of their sweet test, which comes from dark honey and elderberry extract. Most of the gummies in the market use animal gelatin. And Zarbees gummies contain no animal gelatin. Therefore it is pure vegetarian.

Zarbee's Multivitamin Immune Gummies Features With Benefits

The main features of zarbees multivitamin gummies are its blending of 12 vitamins and minerals, which are helpful for a child's overall development.

Elderberry Extract

These elderberry gummies for kids have been well-known for centuries for promoting a healthy immune system. The elderberry extract is collected from tiny berries, which is a form of antioxidant, and an antioxidant is one of the main elements for boating immunity.

Dark Honey

Honey is a natural antioxidant that contains a bunch of vitamins and minerals that support healthy well-being. Zarbees uses a special blend of dark honey along with lighter honey for a sweet taste.


Zarbees Multivitamin Gummies have Vitamin A, C, D3, and zinc. Blended with vitamin B Complex. These vitamins are useful for a healthy metabolism.

To boost your child's immunity with the nutrition of vitamins, collect Zarbee's Multivitamin Immune Gummies from their site. Please go and check their website, and you will get a better idea.

Zarbees Probiotics For Kids

Zarbees Probiotics For Kids

In order to address nutritional gaps and sustain your developing kid, multivitamins are a wonderful source of 13 necessary vitamins and minerals, including zinc, our vitamin B-complex, A, C, D, E, and A. probiotics.

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Super delicious vegetarian gummies for your kids to support the digestive system in kids 2 years and up. They are made with dark honey and two probiotic stains. Bacillus subtilis probiotic and Bacillus coagulans. They are living organisms that have been proven to boost the digestive tract to support the digestive and immune systems.

Bacillus subtilis probiotic and Bacillus Coagulans are both effective bacteria for the intestine. These two probiotics increase the count of lactic acid bacteria, which is an essential bacteria for our digestive system.

Zarbee's probiotics for kids are made with full safety so that they can be used daily without any side effects. These chewable Zarbee's gummies help to restore digestive balance and provide good health. A healthy digestive system is required for a strong immune system.

Zarbees Probiotics Gummies Features With Benefits

For smooth digestion Zarbee's probiotics gummies are useful. They have some features which I shall describe below.

Helps In Reducing Gas

Zarbee's probiotic gummies build good bacteria in the gut. As a result, it helps to reduce tummy troubles. Such as gas and colic. When gas is reduced baby will feel energetic and will eat eagerly.

Support Upset Stomach

Probiotics help stabilize the balance of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. This minimizes the possibility of having an upset stomach.

Reduce Constipation

Constipation is the most common health issue for your kids. Zarbee's probiotics gummies will help your kid get rid of this irritating bowel problem. Regular consumption of Zarbees probiotics will loosen the stool.

Overall Development Of Immune Function

The last benefit of Zarbee's probiotic gummies is it helps develop your kid's overall immune function. When the digestion system is normal and regular, your baby will feel healthy, active, and energetic.

As a parent, I understand what you will feel when your baby faces problems in their digestion system, and it will directly affect their health. No matter how healthy food you give to your kid, their health won't be improved if they can't digest properly. So, not delaying further, order Zarbee's probiotics and bring healthy immune support for your beloved kids.


A parent always searches for the best for their children. There is nothing as important as the well-being of their child. When their baby stays healthy and joyful, they feel heavenly.

And providing a healthy life to the children at Zarbee's is the best. They serve natural supplements with a blend of science. When science and nature create a mixture, it will bring happiness.

And Zarbee's brings that happiness to your family. For immunity, digestion, and sleep, parents can rely on nature. No artificial supplement should be given to children.

Zarbee's believes in nature, brings ingredients from nature, and provides natural supplements without any artificial elements. That is the reason parents of the US depend on Zarbee's. Bring nature to your child means bringing Zarbee's to your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mother and daughter spending quality time in the kitchen

How strong is Zarbee's melatonin?

Each gummy of Zarbbes Melatonin Gummies contains 1mg of melatonin. They are safe and drug and alcohol-free. The 1 mg of melatonin is safe for children 3 years and up.

Parents can give this gummy to children who do not want to sleep at night. It will make their eyes a little sleepy.1 mg of melatonin is safe for children and is not addictive or aggressive.

Should I Give My Child Melatonin Every Night?

According to AAP Publications, taking melatonin only for a short time. But they should have mentioned how many days would be a long time. Melatonin is free from drugs and alcohol, thus it can be given to children for few times. When the child falls asleep alone, it won't be necessary to provide them with zarbees gummies.

Does Melatonin Have Any Side Effects?

Melatonin is considered a safe, mild sleepy method that works well on children who don't want to sleep. It creates good results for short-term use only. However, it has no severe side effects or negative impact on children. However, some children show side effects after taking melatonin, such as bedwetting, drowsiness, and headaches.  

Do Gummy Vitamins Have Side Effects?

Multivitamins or vitamin gummies can only be given if your child really lacks some vitamins that they can't fill up with their meals. However, when you start giving them gummies, they may face some temporary reactions. Such as constipation, Diarrhea, or stomach upset.

These symptoms will disappear when the body adjusts to these vitamin gummies. So yet, no severe problems have been discovered. But if it gets worse, then immediately consult with a doctor.

How Do Melatonin 1 Mg Gummies Work?

Zarbee's melatonin gummies help the body to know that it is time for sleep. The release of melatonin works with the 24 hours internal biological clock. The process of generating melatonin increases, especially at night.

Melatonin production may decrease when there is a lot of light at night. Zarbee's melatonin gummies help to generate the feeling of sleep. It reminds the body that it is night, so go to sleep.

How To Take Melatonin Gummies For Kids?

You can have melatonin in different forms: melatonin spray, melatonin liquid, and melatonin pills.

But for kids, melatonin 1 mg gummies will be the best choice. It is delicious, so your kids won't have any problem eating these Zarbee's gummies. Before going to bed, melatonin gummies should be taken 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime.

Are Probiotic Gummies For Kids Beneficial?

Probiotics are beneficial for adults and kids. The latest research has found the usefulness of taking probiotics gummies for kids.

These probiotic gummies can improve the digestion system of a child, especially if a child has gas and colic, upset tummy, and constipation. A sufficient number of beneficial bacteria in digestive tract can help prevent these bowel problems for children.

Are Too Many Probiotics Harmful?

There are no dangerous side effects of taking probiotics regularly. If your body takes too many probiotics, then you may experience some unusual symptoms, such as bloating, gas, and upset stomach. If you are currently on medicine, talk to a physician before starting any probiotics.

Is Probiotics Good On Empty Stomach?

Probiotics are more effective if you take them before taking a meal. It will be best if you take probiotics thirty minutes before you have your meal. But in the case of the children they can take probiotics any time of the day. If you provide probiotics gummies, anytime they can eat it.

Do Probiotics Help Toddlers' Diarrhea?

There is no such evidence that probiotics can cure Diarrhea. Recent studies suggest that probiotics have good bacteria this could be effective treatment of diarrhea. As a result, many parents decide to give their children probiotics for Diarrhea.

However, to treat any disease, it is recommended to take advice from doctors. Do not prescribe your child without consulting with the doctor.