We literally don't take much care of our lives and health. We eat up alot of junk foods and love everything that is harmful for our body. Moreover, we love being a couch potato and stress about everything.

Even we forget that our bones and muscles are getting older, and they need care. We start to realize the importance of our bones and immune systems when we fall sick.

Instead of waiting for falling sick, we should always stay aware and vigilant about our body and health. The health of our muscles, bones and immune system can be drastically improved if we can take Vitamin D3. This is important because if our bones and muscles become weak due to lack of necessary vitamins, we will fail to do any sort of work.

This article intends to provide all the necessary information about the top 3 vitamin D3 supplements. Let’s start.

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a very common and important vitamin beneficial for us. It is often known as the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D primarily helps our body to absorb in phosphate and calcium into the body. Our muscles and bones gets a buff in their density due to Vitamin D.

So, you can pretty much understand how why and how much Vitamin D is important for us. If we have deficiency of Vitamin D in our body, then our body will be prone to many physical problems. Ranging from infants to adults, we need a certain and optimum amount of Vitamin D.

Generally we can get Vitamin D in abundance from the sun and it can be obtained in two forms such as Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. But sadly, now a days its really getting tough for us to obtain such natural abundant source of Vitamin D from the sun as we hardly can spend time in the sunlight. Also, the poor diet that has very poor nutritional value also cannot give us our required need for vitamin D.

In the following sections of this article, we will get to know all about the best vitamin D3 supplements that will help us to recuperate the lacking of vitamin D3 in our body.

The Main Causes Of Vitamin D Deficiency

It is simple. Adequate vitamin D intake empowers your body with essential nourishment, fortifying your bones and muscles to their utmost potential. Embrace the abundant blessings of vitamin D, for it bestows vitality and strength upon every fiber of your being. Basically Vitamin D deficiency are caused for two main reasons:

  • Failure to get adequate Vitamin D from daily food intake and sunlight
  • You are eating vitamin D enriched food, but somehow, your body can’t absorb the calcium.


  • Your body is going through a specific medical condition.
  • There is some environmental fact involved. In the winter seasons, people can’t get enough sun exposure to their skin. Which eventually instigates vitamin d deficiency.

The Source Of Vitamin D3

There are three primary sources available for getting enough vitamin D. Natural way and medication.

  • Getting enough sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D
  • Nutritional food
  • Supplements

Vitamin D, often referred to as the solar nutrient, is attainable in adequate quantities through consistent exposure to sunlight. However, some specific food is also full of vitamin D.

Such as fatty fish, beef liver, cheese, mushrooms, and eggs. The fortified foods also contain vitamin D. Milk, cereals, juice, dairy products, soy drinks, and many more.

There are many multivitamins tablets and supplements that contain vitamin D3. You can have those supplements in pills, supplement powder, or liquid form.

Symptoms Of Vitamin D3 Deficiency

The common symptoms of vitamin d deficiency are muscle pain, fatigue, or mod sewing. It started with the feeling of weakness. And gradually leads to other symptoms. The main symptoms are

  • Fatigue
  • Lack of sleep
  • Bone and muscles pain
  • Loss of hair
  • Weakness
  • Not feeling energetic
  • Frequent sickness
  • Depression
  • Skin color change

Usually, people tend to avoid the initial symptoms. But it will cause more health issues if you ignore it.

Healthy life with Vitamin D

Benefits Of Taking Vitamin D3 Supplement?

By now, you are well versed and aware that Vitamin D3 is very important for our wellbeing. This vitamin can seriously impact and improve our physical wellbeing.

So, after reading this article, you now know that hopping on the vitamin D3 supplement train can seriously boost your well-being. These little wonders have a whole bunch of mind-blowing perks and endless potential to improve your health journey. Here, I will discuss some of the main benefits:

Increase The Bone Density

Bone density depends on the calcium we are taking. When insufficiently calcium cause of insufficient calcium absorbtion in our body. But the good thing is, vitamin D3 can increase calcium absorbtion in the body.

When our body sufficiently absorbs adequate calcium, then immedietly all our joint pain, muscle and bone discomfort goes away. Regularly if you take in Vitamim D3 supplements, this can greatly minimise the chance of catching early osteoarthritis.

Boost The Immune System

The Vitamin D3 supplement constitutes a distinctive form of immune-supporting product. The efficient maintenance of our bodily immune system is instrumental in preserving optimal wellness, and this particular supplement actively aids in combating viral, infectious, and fungal agents, thereby reducing the frequency of illness.

Mental Health Development

In the winter season, a major portion of US people experiences a condition known as seasonal affective disorder. This is characterized by feelings of depression, melancholy, and diminished motivation. Mainly, this condition occurs when we limit ourselves from getting the required amount of sunlight. Also, this condition occurs when we stay as a couch potato inside our home and reduce the exposure of natural lights. Doctors and nutritionists advises us to take vitamin D3 supplement in the winter to tackle this issue.

Helps In Strengthening Oral Health

Calcium is essential for oral health also. From our childhood, we have learned that for strong teeth, we need calcium. Vitamin d3 supplement improves the quality of teeth. For having strong teeth and oral health, vitamin d3 is a wonder.

Improves Lung Function

Through the lungs, calcium can be absorbed in the body. The supplements help in functioning our lungs effectively. You will be awestruck to know that, vitamin D3 is very effective in fighting airborne and respiratory diseases. This greatly boosts our lung function.

Increase Hair Growth

You will lose hair before age if your body doesn’t get enough calcium. Vitamin D3 supplements can decrease hair fall rates by providing enough vitamin D to your hair root.

Reduce The Risk Of Osteoporosis

As vitamin D3 helps you to make strong bones. The incorporation of these supplements effectively mitigates the likelihood of developing Osteoporosis, a condition characterized by bone fractures and discomfort in joints. The utilization of these nutritional enhancements contributes to bolstering bodily strength, thereby enabling the pursuit of a state of optimal health and physical fitness.

Control Blood Pressure

If the body can not get enough vitamin D, it links to high blood pressure and other heart diseases. Some people have hypertension due to a lack of vitamin D3. Regularly taking supplements of vitamin D3 will help you to control your blood pressure.

Besides these primary benefits, vitamin D3 supplements can improve your brain function growth, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, and helps to reduce weight loss. We should take pure vitamin d supplements to boost our health and immunity.

Our Team member reviewing Vitamin D3 Supplements

Top 3 Best Vitamin D3 Supplements

Now, lets not waste any more time in any more jargons related to Vitamin D3 benefits and all. We will go straight into discussing the top 3 Vitamin D3 supplements from their main features and why it can be beneficial for your health.

You need clarification on seeing that variety. Also, there are a plethora of vitamin D manufacturers in the USA. Everybody claims the same benefits. But are they really? Here, this article will tell you what you should purchase without any confusion.

1. Viva Naturals Vitamin D3 Supplement - 360 Softgel

Viva Naturals Vitamin D3 Supplement

Viva Naturals' Vitamin D3 5000 IU soft-gels promote healthy vitamin D levels, which aid in the body's absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

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Viva naturals vitamin D3 is one of the best vitamin supplements in the USA. They come in soft gel forms. Which is easy to swallow. The high potency doses of 5000 IU are made with organic coconut oil. Vitamin D3 gets absorbed with coconut oil more quickly. If you have long-term vitamin D deficiency, you should try this supplement.

It is not an organic vitamin d supplement. The coconut oil used in this supplement is only organic. 360 pieces are given in one bottle for one year. You can take this in every season of the year. In the USA, it is important to take the sunshine vitamin regularly. After a few days, you can see the positive impact.

It improves physical health over time. You will notice that your bones and mussels are getting strong day by day. Also, it helps to protect your teeth.

The main sources of vitamin D3 supplements in viva naturals are Kosher and Quali-D. Which comes from sheep lanolin. That is why it is called one of the best pure vitamin D supplements. However, it is not suitable for vegans. Make sure you don’t take this supplement as a vegan vitamin D supplement.

Features With Benefits:

The main features of viva naturals' vitamin D3 supplement are as follows:

  • For boosting your daily energy, one soft gel of vitamin D3 is enough;
  • It is non-GMO, soy-free, and gluten-free;
  • One of the best vitamin D manufacturers in the USA;
  • Contain no artificial colors or smell;
  • Organic coconut oil soft gel capsules contain halal Gelatin, Glycerin, and purified water.
  • Added no sweetener.

If you are looking for vitamin D powder, then you are probably searching for easy swallowing. This mini soft gel vitamin D supplement will be the proper choice. As it is easy to consume.

Is Viva Natural a good brand? Based on the research of best-selling records and authentic Viva Natural reviews, you may purchase this.

2. Nature Wise Vitamin D3 Supplement - Soft Gel

Nature Wise Vitamin D3 Supplement

This ground-breaking vitamin D3 supplement helps the body's capacity to maintain strong bones and optimum fitness.

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The NatureWise vitamin D3 supplement is an immune support dietary supplement. It is an all-natural brand. That ensures high potency vitamin D3 in soft gel form. They use organic olive oil, which is indeed a healthy fat source that helps to support your immune system more effectively.

To provide organic immune support, the NatureWise vitamin D3 supplement uses organic olive oil. If you are searching for a liquid vitamin D supplement, then it is hard to find. Instead, it would be best if you used this supplement. The soft gel capsules are so thin that they may melt in scorching sunlight.

In the summer season, the capsules may get attached to each other. That doesn’t affect the quality of the capsules. At room temperature or in a cool place, they get into a normal position.

People who are allergic to dairy products can easily consume this supplement. It is non-dairy. NatureWise brand promotes natural ingredients. They are made from nature. Professional researchers put their 100% into product development.

The main target of NaturWise is to provide a healthier lifestyle to its consumers.

Features With Benefits:

The main features of NatureWise vitamin D3 are as follows:

  • Pure vitamin D supplement with gluten-free and non-GMO. Tested by a third party;
  • Can be available in 5000 IU, 1000 IU, 2000 IU, and 400 IU of vitamin D3 supplement soft gel capsules;
  • Extra virgin oil, halal gelatin, Glycerin, and purified water used as ingredients;
  • Free from wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, and fish;
  • Organic immune support as nature;
  • Increase mental happiness in the winter season.

Suppose you like nature-made products or support natural products. Then you try NatureWise vitamin D3 Supplement. While researching the NatureWise vitamin D3 reviews, we found that most of the users love this supplement. They find it very efficient in developing mental and Physical health. It is counted as one of the best vitamin D manufacturers in the USA. We recommend purchasing this.

3. BioSchwartz Vitamin D3 Natural Dietary Supplement - Soft Gel

Bio Schwartz Vitamin D3 Natural Dietary Supplement 

BioSchwartz superior strength vitamin D3 5000 IU supports a healthy immune system by allowing it to work at peak levels to defend you all year.

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For immune support dietary supplements, Bio Schwartz is one of the best brands in the USA. This vitamin D3 Supplement soft gel is recommended by doctors. It is developed with the help of professional health care. Unlike most of the others manufacturers of vitamin D in the USA, doctors suggest this brand takes in a prescribed way.

This supplement is made with quality full ingredients. You can achieve optimal immune support from Bio Schwartz vitamin D3 Supplement. These ultra-smooth soft gel capsules are easy to swallow and provide strength to your heart, bones, teeth, and mussels.

The supplement is formulated with organic olive oil. That ensures the perfect absorption of calcium to your body. Bioschwarts is amazing because it strictly follows the guidelines set by GMP. Plus, it contains 0 preservatives, harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients.

This supplement contains Bovine Gelatin, which is not suitable to call this is a vegan vitamin D3 supplement. However, it is an eggs and milk-free supplement. Adults in the U.S. can easily take this supplement as an immune support dietary supplement.

If you are wondering where is Bio Schwartz manufactured, then you can search their website as well. It is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Features With Benefits:

The main features of this supplement are given below;

  • It is formulated with pure organic olive oil. Which can provide one kind of organic immune support;
  • No GMOs, gluten, soy, milk, fish, egg, or peanuts are included. No artificial sugar or flavors are contained. Easy to digest for people who have diabetes;
  • Reviewed by a licensed physician that makes this vitamin D3 supplement one of the trustworthy supplements;
  • Allergic free as it contains all of the natural ingredients.

The main attractive point of the brand is that they have a great professional research team. That allows you to feel confident. You can purchase this, and after a few days, you will feel the difference. The latest technology they use to make this supplement is a pure vitamin D supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Vitamin D3 Have Any Side Effects?

Normally, most folks don't experience any funky side effects when taking vitamin D3. It's totally safe for your overall well-being, ya know? But if you happen to lack this vitamin, it's worth considering some D3 supplements. However, caution is key because going overboard with these supplements could potentially lead to some pesky health problems. We're talking weakness, puking, cottonmouth, and whatnot. Just remember, the calcium levels in your bod need to be in the right balance, dude. A high level of calcium is also not good for health.

We recommend consulting with a Doctor. Doctors can diagnose the level of calcium in your body. So, according to the report, they'll hook you up with the right dose of vitamin D3

What Is Better, Vitamin D2 Or D3?

According to certain studies, Vitamin D 2 is purportedly less efficient in enhancing the immune system, whereas Vitamin D3 is believed to possess superior effectiveness and a quicker action in this regard. It is important to note, however, that both variants belong to the Vitamin D family, albeit derived from distinct sources.

Can Vitamin D Supplements Delay Your Period?

Not necessarily. Typically, women who maintain consistent menstrual cycles generally encounter no complications while incorporating vitamin D supplements into their routine. However, women exhibiting insufficient levels of vitamin D in their bodies may experience disturbances in their menstrual patterns.

It is not found that vitamin D supplements delay the cycle of the period. It actually depends on the body condition one can have. If they are going through some medication already, then they might get any problem with the menstrual cycle. Besides, low level of Vitamin D creates issues in the process of the period. To regulate the rotation of the period, one should take Vitamin D supplements.

Can A Person Have Too Much Vitamin D?

Yes but excessive intake can be harmful. It can cause many health issues like vomitting, nausea, weakness and many other unpleasantness. That's why it is wise to supplement our bodies with vitamin D3 only when the need occurs. Its actually best and most easy to increase eating certain vitamin D rich foods to recuperate the absence of vitamin D in our body. Mainly, you can get it from both animal and plant based foods. If you choose animal based foods, you can go for fish, like mackerel, tuna, salmon. You can get top quality of Vitamin D3 from them. Eggs and milk are also rich in vitamin D. If you are vegan, you can get abundant Vitamin D from mushroom and spinach. Some cereals are also fortified with vitamin D.

What Are Foods That Are High In Vitamin D?

There are some animal-based food and plant-based food available that contains a high level of vitamin D. In animal-based food, fish like tuna, mackerel, and salmon are high in vitamin D.

Eggs, and milk also contain a good source of vitamin D. In plant, Mushroom is a fine source of vitamin D. There are some fortified meals, like breakfast cereals, where you can get vitamin D.

Does vitamin D help the skin?

Yes, vitamin D helps to improve your skin quality. It helps to protect your skin from getting infections from any injuries. Also, vitamin D is suggested to improve the irritation of the skin, repairing damaged skin and stretch marks.


To this extent, you probably get to know all factors of vitamin D3 supplements. Vitamin D, a crucial nutrient for our well-being, is a gift our body craves. The path to harnessing this vital vitamin lies within the realm of vitamin D3 supplements, a magnificent solution bestowed upon us. Though nature's bounty may offer us this precious vitamin, the trials of our contemporary existence often impede our access to these sources. Hence, our journey to a vibrant life beckons us to embrace the power of supplements.

Bones, muscles, teeth, and immune systems are the most important things to maintain. The more these physical options get weak, the more we lose the happiness in our life. To maintain a steady life, we don’t need to do any hurdles. Vitamin D3 supplements are there within reach of our hand. We can easily order them. And start taking them. One soft gel vitamin D3 supplement in a day will make our body fit and strong.

Without wasting more time, go and check the available option from these three best vitamin D3 supplements. In 2024, we need to start fresh. And nothing can be more important than a healthy body and soul. Let's start the year by providing our bodies with a perfect vitamin D3 supplement.